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Is the idea that Bruce and Jan Bylsma developed to offer swim lessons to people who do not have the resources or funds available to learn how to swim. 

It is a result of the sadness we feel every time we see that one of the children in West Michigan has drowned as well as a recent column in the GR Press written by Tom Rademacher.   Tom’s column “Summer is perfect time to teach kids life-saving skill”  struck a nerve and motivated us to get moving.

Tom wrote a follow up column regarding the response and the nonprofit organization called SWIM! 

The response has been in Tom’s words a ripple effect to the column in both requests for the need for lessons and offers to help. 

We have started our efforts to match funds with needy non-swimmers. 

Swim Safe is a nonprofit organization that we will contribute to and also open the door for others to contribute to as well.  The funds will go to swimming lessons for those who cannot afford it.

The SWIM! Story.

When I was young water was an important part of our family recreation.  My dad taught me how to swim at an early age.  One day while on my uncle’s boat we pulled up to the shore in Holland near our family cottage and everyone was to jump in and walk to shore.  I was the first one in.  The water was deeper than expected.  I jumped in and was unable to touch bottom.  I bobbed up and yelled "dad I can't touch".  He yelled "swim!”  My dad's teaching worked!   I swam to where I could touch.

I am thankful for knowing how to swim and taught all my children and now all 11 of our grandkids love the water as well. 

Our goal is to help to eliminate the sadness of losing a loved one due to drowning.


Swim Safe Corp
2035 28th Street SE Suite R
Grand Rapids, MI 49508


Swim Safe Corp is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductable corporation

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