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We are a nonprofit organization focused on doing our part to prevent the heartbreak of losing a loved one because of drowning. We aim to open the door to a more enriched life experience by learning to enjoy water recreation.

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Tom Rademacher: Column helps unite efforts to stem drownings in West Michigan with free swim lessons


By Tom Rademacher

The Grand Rapids Press

Let the ripples begin.

What started as a gentle challenge to help me help others learn how to swim has blossomed into something I never initially imagined.

A fund now stands at more than 10 times what I’d established. A nonprofit enterprise is in the works. And financial pledges are streaming in from readers who — like me — can’t bear to have one more kid die from drowning.

A few days ago, I wrote a column mourning the fact so many children succumb to accidents in and around water, and wondered why we can’t give as much attention to swim lessons as we do sports camps and the like.

I included anecdotes from my youth — serving as a lifeguard and watching as a teenage boy’s dead body was dragged from the waters of Lake Michigan.

Apparently, the story hit a nerve.

And a soft spot.

Grand Rapids area businessman Bruce Bylsma couldn’t believe what he was reading, since he and wife, Jan, had been discussing the very day before how they might help remedy what are far too many drownings throughout West Michigan this year.

“Your heart just breaks for these kids,” said Bylsma, noting the column inspired him to take action and establish a nonprofit he’s dubbed “SWIM!” It’s an acronym for “Safe Water Instruction Matters!”


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Our History

Summer 2018

Swim Safe provides lessons to Burton Elementary and Anchor Point Christian schools. 

Summer 2017

Swim Safe provides lessons to Burton Elementary School.

Summer 2015

Swim Safe provides lessons to Burton Elementary School.

Summer 2014

 Swim Safe provides swim lessons to 3rd and and 4th grade classes of AnchorPoint Christian School.

Summer 2013

  •  Swim Safe to provide swim lessons to 3rd graders at West Side Christian School.
  • Swim Safe to expand outreach to include funding the training of Water Safety Instructors.
  • Swim Safe Corp provides swim lessons to at-risk students at Gladiola Elementary, Wyoming Public Schools ranging from 1st to 4th grades.

Jun 25, 2011

Tom Rademacher writes article "Summer is the perfect time to teach kids life-saving skill", inspiring the creation of SWIM!

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